Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Lego Minecraft launches new sets: The Village (21105) and The Nether (21106). Coming soon!

Lego launches 2 new Minecraft sets: The Village (21105) and The Nether (21106).

With The Village set, users can build houses, grow crops, and explore mines with the Pig (its so cute!), Villager, and Zombie figures. 

The Nether set lets players build an Obsidian Portal to The Nether where they will find Netherrack, gravel, lava, and bedrock, as well as two Ghasts and a Zombie Pigman.  The Nether has great contrasting colors and makes for a great display. 

Please PM me at brickkangtao @ gmail . com to reserve your set today. Cash and carry at Queenstown MRT station. Thank you! 

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